Yesterday, comic relief.  This year, I planned to buy a Charlie and Lola book on the subject of chocolate (specially published for the occasion), but I haven’t bought it yet.
Today, St Patrick and St Gertrude (separately).  This is the St Gertrude my mother is named for; John may or may not be drinking Irish beer, but we will actually be eating curry for tea.
Tomorrow, Mothering Sunday, a good day to go to church, actually (Mother Church, you see, the original reason, apparently, but generally shrouded in the mists of modern secular ignorance), but I don’t have any problem with the ‘be nice to Mummy’ aspects.  Sam brought home a small potted plant in a pot he’d decorated himself and a card with a picture he’d drawn himself (might be a picture of me) and writing he’d traced over.  He can do a good S
Then on Monday, it is St Joseph, husband of Mary;  a very good excuse to inaugurate ‘Husband’s day’ in our house.

We’ll be all feasted out!!