Well today, Hannah and I went to Manchester, we sat in John’s office waiting for him to come out of a meeting and he took us for lunch,

After that I went and gave a blood donation (the first since February 2002, which was the month I conceived Sam; not sure if I would have been pregnant at the time, but didn’t find out until March). It is even more high-tech now than 5 years ago.  Hannah sat in the pushchair next to me, and helped me drink my squash and eat my biscuits afterwards.

And after that I bought a book called ‘First crochet’, which has lots of mostly small projects and instructions on crochet (but not double treble; perhaps that’s considered too arcane or too advanced).  Am terribly excited; did do a little crochet about 25 years ago, can’t really remember it; I’m going to start with a flower made entirely of chains and slip stitches (is that the same as single crochet? must check).

And then we came home on the train with Daddy, except Hannah was asleep, and got a kebab on the way home.  We like kebabs.

Didn’t buy Kirsten her present in town (sorry, the big city; did you know that the tram in Riversea Fingal is the Eccles tram in Manchester?), so have ordered one on the internet for delivery to her house.  (bit silly really, it will probably arrive when we’re on holiday; I hope she can fetch it when she gets home)