Today we went to Legoland, Windsor, with our friends (did I mention we’re visiting friends?).  Hannah was only just tall enough for the things you had to be 90cm tall to go on (perhaps she is 89 cm with shoes and hair, and stretching, and saying, that should be okay.  So we went on the helicopter ride (up down and round and round) and the little round and round up and down bumpy dino-ride.  (I’m shrieking my head off: she’s beaming all over her head and saying ‘again’).  Also, boats, jeeps, trains, playground stuff, the water play bit, the carousel, and the mini ferris wheel, (but they don’t have two to a horse, so I was expected to stand up.)  John got to play at being 11 with Matthew and went on a couple of the rides where you get wet.  Sam got to do car driving and digger operating, which he was well made up.