Went to the zoo with Hannah for her playschool  trip; was a bit tough, on account of my not getting a map and there not being enough signposts, and having to stop early to get back in time for the school run (which we still managed to be 15 minutes late), but we actually managed to see lots of animals: the cheetahs, the rhinoceras, the tiger, the funny pigs, the camels, the okapi, the flamingoes, the elephants, the lions, a snake, some kind of lizard, lots of monkeys, apes, etc., the giraffes, the dolphins (swimming underwater).  Also, ducks and ducklings, but watch out: the ducks will take the sandwich out of your hand!  We do actually quite like Chester Zoo, but it’s very large, and we still haven’t seen everything.  Next time, we must see the zebra and the kangaroos.  And the cheetahs again, and the tigers, and the otters….