In the morning we took the cat to the vet, who has gerbils (they were asleep); after much questioning about stress, the vet diagnosed a flea problem, leading to itching and over grooming, so we have got more flea exterminator.  Hannah kept switching the light off, but the vet said she used to do that when she was little.

In the afternoon, we were going to go to Rhymetime at the library, but when we got there, discovered the library was closed because of the strike (and I hadn’t thouight to check), so we just bought some flowers (florist), a pencil sharpener (post office), sausages (butcher) and milk (Co-op), and posted some letters (pillar box, just before the post office).

Sam wouldn’t co-operate on his homework, the little tyke, but very nicely telephoned Grandma, who is going to have him stay at her house for a bit, which is an excellent plan.

However, the new book (a year one nursing textbook) has arrived and is more complicated looking than I thought it would be, so I am a bit stressed about that.