Showed Hannah that she could chalk on the brick wall outside, which is another easy and mess free way to get them artistic, if you don’t mind coloured chalk on the walls.

A Barnaby Bear I hadn’t seen before, at least not all the way through.  Chester, with Romans, races, and the Chester plays, for which Barnaby Bear dresses up as a rabbit. 

Also, to Little CupCakes, the new Mums and Tots group at Springhead Community Centre, which we find has a party at the end of the month: Hannah was photographed (presumably for a publicity article: she has already been in the Chron to advertise the music group that she has now left), played with the toy cars and whatnots, had her face painted, played Musical Statues and Musical Bumps and won a bracelet, ate cake and sausage roll, joined in a singsong session, and brought home yet another balloon,