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An enjoyable week. 

The grade 1 orchestra were more amusing than Jeremy Hardy singing (and sounded just like my initial attempts to play the violin). 

The first choral rehearsal was hard: I thought ‘help, I’ve forgotten how to sing!’, but the music turned out to be very exciting; except for the Messian, which was a hangover and a headache.

 The orchestra was fun, if a little too excited.  The first rehearsal, I was hit by a wall of brass and percussion, but I got used to it.  We did the Beethoven triple concerto with Steve Galea on violin Angela Galea on cello and Fr Phillip Whitmore on piano.  We also tackled a movement of a Brandenburg.  I really enjoyed the thunderbirds music, but found the Candide overture a little too tricky.  The string sectional was good.  I was at the front desk of the seconds, with Rachael, and didn’t manage all the music, but definitely improved over the week.   

We scratched the Bartered Bride.  I didn’t know the Bartered Bride, apart fromt the bit that gets played at concerts, and thought the story good, although I spotted the surprise ending about the beginning of the second half.  And I’ll never get to play in the orchestra pit of the Bartered Bride again, I expect, so I made the most of it.

John delivered a monologue ‘3 ha’pence a foot’, which went down very well.  Colin also delivered a monologue, but in Belfast, which was harder for me to understand.  Andy Fryer did The Swan on ‘slide cello’, using a tennis ball on one string.  

Sophie Bevan’s recital was fantastic.  I almost thought I might as well hang up my voice and go home, but nobody expects me to be Sophie, so it doesn’t matter. I am definitely watching her prom when it hits the television

Felix played in all four orchestras and a string quartet, which was very impressive. Sam joined the junior choir.  I’m not sure that he did much singing, but he should manage better next year, and Hannah can go too, maybe. 

Also, next year I must make sure that John takes his bass guitar, which he has not yet started to learn how to play.