Problem 1)  Sam’s school is entering a competititon to see who can recycle the most yellow pages.  They have to take in the front cover, and the rest of it can go into the recycling bag at home, or the recycling bins dotted around the borough.   Of course, I’ve recycled ours, but nothing is to stop me from binning it in the usual way…

Problem 2)  In Sam’s infant school, the infants’ department charges 10p a day in snack money, for which I believe they get (subsidised) milk and biscuits (sweet or savoury) and fruit or veg.  The juniors have a snack trolley instead, from which they can purchase healthy snacks of fruit.  They can also buy bottles of bottled water at 20p a bottle. I think there is something wrong here, but I can’t put my finger on it.

edit: the fruit or veg is free, at least while he is still 6.