Instead of having cookbooks on my bookshelf I never cook from, I thought I’d pick one book and cook everything in it, right through.  So I’ve picked a family friendly book called “Second Helpings by the Dinner Lady”, or some such, which I won in a prize giveway.  It begins with sauces.  So far, we’ve had:

white sauce, which I’ve put on top of leeks on a baked potato, with sausages (very nice, children wouldn’t look at the leeks);

bechamel sauce, which is the same, except you infuse the milk.  This part was fun, and filled the kitchen with a bay leaf smell, becuase I put too many bay leaves in and I mixed it with pasta, tuna, onions and red pepper, (okay, children didn’t like);

veloute sauce ( a kind of gravy) , which is the same as white, but with stock instead of milk, and which I used Knorr long-life real stock in a pouch.  It was very good, except a bit too salty (real stock in our house has no added salt at all), smelt really good in the cooking, made tasty gravy, and Sam liked the resulting gravy, which I served with sausage, chips, tinned baked beans and frozen spinach;

and onion sauce (plain white sauce, but with onions), which I cooked with gammon, frozen hash browns, cabbage, and carrots.  John is the king of onion sauce in our house, and he liked it right well.