Can you have too much stuff?  That depends on what sort of stuff it is.  If the stuff is all piled, crowded, stuffed, overcrowded, falling down, getting dirty, getting lost, it may be that a little decluttering is in order.  So far I have

1) got a sister who is expecting a baby and offloaded lots of baby things that she might need by giving them to her (and plastic boxes to store some of the stuff if she doesn’t need it just yet, and an instruction that she can do exactly what she likes with them, swap, give away, shrink in the wash, etc., and I won’t be offended).

2) had a very rare clean out of the kitchen cupboards and ruthlessly thrown out everything past its use by date.

3) taken advantage of a request for ‘books and toys in excellent condition’ for the Parish fair to offload some toys and books that the children are no longer needing (and that I don’t like).

4) looked through the postcards in my collection and found two that we think are worth looking at over and again, to hang on an empty space on the wall.

5) found some suits in the attic that I am beginning to shrink back into and put them in my seriously uncluttered wardrobe so that I can wear them more often, instead of having to go out and buy new clothes.

6) and I am using up the bottle of body lotion that we bought by mistake, so that when it is finished I can have the space that it’s taking up on top of the medicine cupboard (and feel glamorous while I am using it).

I still need to do some decluttering, but I don’t like to do too much at once.