I never remember this one, and my mother seems to think I should.  In Germany, they have processions with lanterns, and special yummy bread men with clay pipes; we did do this when I was a kid, but I  have almost completely forgotten.  My sister, the ever lovely ghoti , being younger than me, and not at boarding school half the time, remembers it better.

St Martin was a roman soldier and gave half his cloak to a begger (would he have got more credit if he’d given the whole cloak?), and is commemerated artistically at St Martin in the Fields.  Afterwards, they made him a bishop, and apparently, the reason the bread men (it’s spice with raisins) have pipes is because a dozy baker put the bishop’s crozier in upside down (I got this after 2 minutes research with the help of answers.com), so originally, they would have been bishops, but an upside down crozier looked a bit like a pipe, so they started putting clay pipes in, instead.

Vist: St Martin in the fields
Food: those funny men bread thingummies
Fun: using clay pipes to make bubbles
Decoration: lanterns, and processions of lanterns.