Yes, it’s that time of year; get the fundraisers out of the way before the serious Advent stuff can begin.  It turned out that at Hannah’s playschool fete, all the  tombola type things were guaranteed winners and we came out not only with lots of modest prizes, but also what seemed to be the jackpot on a thing called ‘Advent Hamper’, we traipsed home with a big box stuffed with lots of Santa themed goodies, as well as tombola prizes, wheel of chocolate chocolate, sweets from a lollipop tree, and lucky dip prizes.  Hannah had her face painted, with more slap than she’s had before (usually, it’s just been a line drawing, or a little picture on a cheek, this time it was the works); didn’t quite seem sure of herself when she looked in the mirror. And we had some very nice iced buns for after our lunch.