When I was a girl, my mother bought only Granny Smiths or Golden Delicious: sour and disgusting, or if I was lucky those tasteless red apples.  And she wouldn’t dream of peeling an apple, which is silly, as sometimes the peel is hard to digest. 

Then I grew up and discovered proper apples, like cox, discovery, gala, Katy, Windsor, and all those that you get one variety at a time in the supermarket, but that still look nice and can be eaten without peeling.

Now I find that the tastiest apples are the ones that you have to peel, even if they are not russets, and that russets are, in fact, delicious.  Our organic box had apples that looked like the kind my Granddad used to get for nothing by knowing where the old apple trees were; the website listed at least four varieties, but we didn’t actually know which we’d got.