Happy New Year!

There are lots of new years in the calendar: this is the new year where we start the cycle again. This year it is readings from the Gospel of St Mark with a bit of St John thrown in to make up the length.  Funnily enough, before we start thinking about Christmas, we begin as we finished, by thinking of Jesus coming again at the end of the world.

We have bought an advent calendar, the fairtrade chocolate kind, and this year we have made an Advent wreath.  It is not very wreathlike, and we have almost obscured the small, not terribly good battery-operated pretend tealights with greenery, but it is not that bad, either, and pictures will be posted on Facebook at some stage.

Colour: purple
Decoratoins: evergreens, purple candles
Chocolate?  Yes, but the advent calendars don’t start until Monday.