People can correct me if they like (please do), but I think of Yule as the pagan winter solstice stuff and not another name for Christmas.  It is helpful sometimes to split some of the ‘Christmas’ bits up, and spread things out a bit, so that is what I try and do.  So today is the day with the winter solstice in it, and we get the green wreath out to put on our door.  If we had a real fire it would have a yule log, but this year I’m making a yule log cake tomorrow (accidentally planned to do other stuff, and then accidentally ate all the eggs).

Decoration: any evergreen or berry that you like; holly, fir, mistletoe
Music: Deck the halls with boughs of holly
Food; yule log cakes, and wintry comfort food
Drink: mulled wine, or warming spirits, or some good old-fashioned ale, or similar