Time to review and finish the old year.  Some people party. Some have all night bonanzas.  Then there is first footing, of course.  Fireworks are good.

Drink; almost obligatory; champers, bubbly, wine, scotch, whatever you like really.
Parties; nice, get a tall dark stranger to be the first to cross the threshold after midnight.  Unless you don’t like tall dark strangers of course…

Grapes; in Spain they try and eat a grape after each bong as the clock chimes the hours, which if they manage, it’s supposed to be good luck for the year.,  One year, the bongs were extra quick  and the hospital had a lot more people in A&E, choking.  Which isn’t good luck.

Teasing children: tell them there is a man outside with as many noses as days(left)  in the year.