Officially not until the 6th, but in the dumbed down calendar, we get to have it today instead.  This is good because I don’t have to decide whether to keep the children off school on a holyday of obligation (at least not on Tuesday).

Today is about how foreign non-Jewish types are also invited, included, allowed, etc.  If we look at Isaiah and St Paul, we discover that we have moved on from the Pentateuch and we have discovered that everybody is equal; Jews and Gentiles, Women and Men, Servant and Free, and there are other divisions that people make (even popes who appear to have been at the communion wine) and that God does not make…

Hooray for: wise men; foreigners, non-Jews (gentiles), exotic oriental types, inclusiveness

colour: gold
decorative tips: smells; incense, and the like
also, parties, presents (which we are not having but some cultures have), paper crowns; perhaps today is the best day for the Christmas crackers…