Gosh this icon is old. 

Hannah is now at playschool full time, which means 9:30 to 3.  She is in the nursery class and has ‘pretend homework’, linked to pre-reading skills.  I got a sticker for helping her make a shaker.  She can play dominoes if you ‘help’ her.  She is beginning to make ‘representational’ art; so far we’ve had ‘bouncy balls’, quite a lot of paddling pools and ‘a bus’.  The bus was vaguely bus-shaped, with obvious wheel, and looks quite good, if you know it’s a bus.

Sam has joined the Beavers, which he likes, and has lost his first tooth, and spent his first ‘tooth fairy money’.  He does not yet get pocket money; this is his first proper taste of fiscal independence.  He now has more homework.  He has two reading books a week, and a list of eight or ten words to learn to spell for a weekly test (we look at the words on two separate days), and now he also has a special ‘homework’ book, with language, number and science exercises, of which two pages a week.  He enjoys dominoes too, also Mousetrap, and we should try more games more often. He also has ‘inherited’ my brother’s real child-size carpentry tools, and has made a simple boat with some help.