This is the day when we stop being Christmas.  So down with the Christmas tree, lights, cards, decorations and stuff.  Eating of chocolates or other goodies from tree, etc.

Also, a good opportunity to remember our own baptisms.

So lots of empty space where the decorations were; time to clean up a little, and arrange things so that the now clear spaces don’t get covered in junk.  We’ve shifted some furniture around, moving the small Ivar bookshelves into the corner where the Not uplighter was, junked the falling apart storage toy box that the children couldn’t really get into, and bought another item (Trofast, with eight drawers), to help keep the toys in order, and some different lights, not taking so much space, and all matching.  And very nice it looks, too.  Also, we are going to buy a tall shallow Trofast with pull out boxes and shelves for Sam’s room, now he is older and wanting to play in his room more.