Or the feast of the Annunciation.

 Interestingly, this day was calculated as the annunciation by taking nine months before Christmas. It used to be New Year’s Day, until about 1750 sometime, when the old inaccurate Julian calendar was changed for the new more accurate Gregorian calendar (it took a long time for England to upgrade the calendar, because religion got in the way, as it does).  The Tax year ends on April 5 because this was new Year’s day plus the extra days ‘lost’ when the calendar was changed from Julian to Gregorian. 

Flowers: yes, blue, or white, or gold, or lilies, or any flowers you like.
Prayer: the Angelus, there’s a mystery in the rosary.
Music: there’s a song called ‘the Angelus’, which we sang at school, it was very nice.
Time to: buy a new account book, pay off debts.