So today, Sam is on his summer holidays, but Hannah is not.  There are 48 days of summer holiday altogether in our house this year, looming like an empty blank canvas to be filled.

Day 1; shopping (lots)

Well, Sam needs some new pyjamas, and some smart shorts for a wedding tomorrow, so it is me and Sam, and a shopping day in town.  In the bus, which is nice.  We tried out the juice bar in the shopping centre, where we had the kind of milkshake that has frozen yoghourt and real ingredients; Sam had banana and honey in his, miind had chocolate, raspberries, coconut milk. Tasted delicious.  We shopped in Debenhams, which was very easy. where Sam tried stuff on for the first time (we’ve always guessed before). He has really grown; 7-8 pyjamas, where before he was always smaller than his age.  Then we bought some books in Waterstones, just 2, because I had a voucher (a pound off).  Then we went to the Salt Cellar for lunch.  Very tasty, although the menu is changed slightly, and they have technology that can make mistakes. 

After we got home, we wen to the Co-op, to buy picnic stuff for tomorrow. 

After fetching Hannah from playschool, play in the playground, and we bought a card and confetti for the wedding, and a soppy bookmark (no gifts please, we just want you to have fun, we were told).