Today Hannah would be at playschool, but we have better things to do, so yesterday was her last day.

Summer holidays day 2: Chester zoo, and a wedding

John’s friends invited us to their wedding!!  It is today. It is at Chester Zoo!!  We are allowed to go to the zoo first, for free!!  Alas, it was raining, but we put on our coats, and packed our glad rags, and John bought a big umbrella.  We saw the tiger, really close.  And the chimps, and the fish, and the seahorses, and the orang utans, and the penguins, and the sealions, and the flamingos, and the red panda, and the kangaroos, and the giraffe, and we walked a very long way to see the zebras, especially for Hannah (she liked them, hooray).

John’s friends had elected for a simple civil ceremony, but they have a posh building at Chester Zoo that is licensed for weddings; it was a lovely wedding; stunning bride, kilted groom (Hannah; ‘but men don’t wear dresses!’), barbecue-indoors style dinner, lovely cake, nice grown up drinks, etc.  We were taken on a quick tour of the zoo (more umbrellas).  We saw the baby penguins, and the lions, and the jaguars.  The jaguars are fantastic! We saw the elusive black jaguar! They fed the jaguars (herring).  It was cool.  I recommend the jaguars. We went home much too late (even though the dancing had not yet begun), the children slept in the car, we listened to the end of the first night of the proms.