Since Sam is not here, I can take Hannah to things that he would be maybe too old for.  I see that Oldham library have a storytime session for children up to 5.

Summer holidays day 6: Oldham library, Oldham Art Gallery, Sainsbury’s cafe, Oldham Art Gallery, decorate pizza for tea

The library session turned out to be stories (about bears), and colouring and sticking (pictures of lions, finger puppets). Hannah made two lion puppet things, and then I used left-over card to make some more; she decided on a pig, I suggested cotton wool for a sheep. 

Since the Gallery is in the same building, we went for an explore; a collection of sculptures based on a plan for folding a box, and an elegently cute display on ‘inventions for fairies’, nicer than it sounds, with a child-friendly corner including colouring (you were meant to draw a fairy invention to go on a display, Hannah nearly did wings and a wand, but it somehow turned into a giraffe).

I also discovered that they are doing craft sessions in the gallery in the afternoons most days this week and next, so we went to Sainsbury’s for lunch and came back; there was box decorating, face painting (Hannah picked an elephant), and some ‘mono printing’; a sheet covered in ink, a piece of thick paper, a picture drawn on (name written back to front), peel the paper off; a print on the other side.  Not perfect, but still looked impressive.  And I had another look at the fairies, while Hannah did some more colouring (this time an apple tree to bring home).