We used cod loin for the fish, which you then added pre-fried baby sweetcorn and courgettes, and added halved cherry tomatoes and torn up basil leaves, topping the lot with breadcrumbs and fresh grated parmesan and shoved in the oven. I served it with potato waffles, and offered ketchup and mayonnaise. It could have done with a little longer in the oven; also there was not enough cheese, and it might have worked better with a sauce element.  But it was tasty enough.  We actually bought real (top notch) parmesan, and John discovered that it is so completely different from the sweaty feet tubs you can get that it was in fact delicious. Sam and Hannah also like parmesan.  Hannah ate the fish and potato waffle, Sam ate the fish and potato waffle and probably not much else, but they wouldn’t look at the rest.  At least they like proper fish.