Finally, and at last, even though the equinox (12 hours light) was more than a month ago, and there hasn’t been any daylight to save, the clocks are permitted to go back.  I am not against BST in principle, I just don’t see the point of waiting until after I have to get up in the dark before the clocks go back.  They should go back to GMT within a week of the equinox, so people who get up at six can enjoy a longer period of daylight in the morning, so people with SAD can stay happy for longer, and so that people get used to it being dark at going home time more gradually, rather than it was light yesterday, but now I can’t see if the children are playing on the street or not.  If there was a gradual transition, you wouldn’t get idiots moaning about it suddenly being light at home time and an increased risk of accidents.

Here endeth the rant.

As I told my son (seven), today we are constitutionally obliged to have a lie-in, and that’s a nice thing as well.

Time to: change clocks and watches, buy new clocks and watches that change automatically (using radio signals) decide once and for al that it is completely unnecessary to have clocks on the oven, microwave, kitchen timer, and mini-hi-fi in the kitchen, and stick to just the one kitchen clock (unless you use the oven timer to cook dinner automatically, in which case that should be the default clock).