I don’t mind washing dishes, if the radio is on really loud, and there is someone drying the pots as I go, and I have nothing better to do, but this is rarely the case. Dishwashers are an excellent labour-saving device, because:
1) you can load them as you go along, and the dirty dishes are neatly hidden out of sight.
2) when the dishwasher is full, you just add soap and press the button, and then you can get on with your other things that you have to do.
3) When the dishes are clean, they will sit happily in the dishwasher, neatly hidden out of sight, until you are ready to put them away.
4) It is no harder emptying a dishwasher than it is drying the pots, and sometimes it is easier.
5) A lot of other things can be put in the dishwashwer more easily, so they are more likely to be washed. Some things are washed more efficiently: our lemon-squeezer jug had bits you couldnt’ reach washing by hand, and it was never really clean until it went in the dishwasher.
6) The dishwasher temperature is much hotter than you can wash up in, so it is more hygienic.