A lollypop concert with narrator-type person, and quizsheets for the children, and prizes. The theme was ‘stories’ and we included Tubby the Tuba, which John used to hear on the children’s radio programme (because he is that old).  I was really nervous about whether the children would like it, and whether they’d be really embarrassing, and about the fact that I couldn’t play the music, but luckily the rehearsal was more nerve-racking than the concert, and the audience liked it. The children probably liked it. John liked it.  He liked the Vltava piece I couldn’t play (and can’t pronounce).  Hannah now says that she’d like to play the trombone.  She also won the colouring competition! I accidentally gave her an unfair advantage by knowing that there would be a colouring competition and making sure that they had lots of coloured pencils…