I’m afraid I didn’t push this concert as much as I should have.  The audience who came enjoyed it,, however.  We did Beethoven’s violin concerto and Mendelssohn’s Reformation Symphony. 

The violin soloist was very nice, and played stunningly well.  I know she’s in the Halle, and a professional, but there you go.  She played a cadenza that was fantastic, amazing, and stunningly difficult.  She said she’d wanted to play the concerto since she was 14, I will never aspire to play more than the second violin part. But it is good.

The symphony was a stonker too. It was written for a grand Lutheran symphony, but not completed in time, as is the way of things. It includes the Dresden Amen (whatever that is) and has a Lutheran hymn, first played straight as a chorale, and then quoted at the end, after a very nice fugue, which reminded me of Bach, and which is a quote from Elijah, the bit that goes ‘Zion spreadeth her hands for aid, and there is neither help nor comfort’.  No it isn’t. Elijah was composed after the 5th symphony, so Elijah quotes the fugue, not the other way around.  The second movement has for it’s second subject what sounds like a folk song, but I cannot think what it might be.  The third movement was like an aria for first violin (and flute), with the rest of the orchestra accompanying. It was very pretty.