My book of activies lists today as offering Boom Ting at Lees library, which is marked as ‘for all the family’.  However, I am sure that it is for pre-school, and when we get there, we see that there are lots of small children, most if not all younger than Hannah.  So we go to the florist’s instead and buy some flowers.  Then we go home and have a snack and make a cake.  Date and apricot loaf, which turns out to be delicious.  Well, Sam helped, Hannah watched television.

Also, we need to fix the models they made yesterday, so I declare the afternoon as ‘gluing’, but neither child seems bothered, preferring to play. Until I say I have to clear up, when Sam decides to finish his off, with a statue and a school.  It looks quite good, for an assemblage of milk bottles and junk.