I see that Saddleworth school have lots of sports, including a golf session that Sam is just about old enough for.  So we go on the bus, which is one step further than I’ve been, and turns out that the school is actually on the main road (didn’t seem like it on the map).  Sam is nervous, but I leave him to it and take Hannah to the park and the library. When we fetch him, he seems to have enjoyed it.  Saddleworth school is tatty, and very large and confusing, but has lots of sports facilities, and by its displays, probably a good sports department.

Then we get lunch from the bakers, and have a ride on the barge, sitting right at the front, and play in the park some more, before shopping in the co-op (comics) and buying some Saddleworth Cheese Co cheese from the butchers.

The cheese is made by an actor from Corrie, and tastes delicious.  Variations of ‘Lancashire-style’ cheese, only made with Saddleworth milk, so technically that would make it Yorkshire.  Is there a ‘Yorkshire’ cheese?

Website: http://www.saddleworthcheese.co.uk/