Sam thinks he won’t like the avocado, so I give him some mozzarella to taste, and he doesn’t like that either.  I have not managed to buy buffalo mozzarella (or if I have, it doesn’t say), but it is genuinely from Italy.  I had this salad once for a starter in December, in one of those so-called office Christmas parties; the tomatoes were anaemic and tasteless, the mozzarella was rubbery and tasteless, I don’t think there was any dressing, and probably no basil.  My creation, which I chose to cut things in chunks rather than slices was well tasty, with tasty ingredients, a nice dressing (home-made vinaigrette, olive oil, white wine vinegar, no salt) and fresh, but wilted, basil.  I ate it with toast, but should have got some Ciabatta and proper coffee.