Some birthday cards need to be bought and written in the morning.  In the afternoon, we go to the art gallery, again, for mosaics and collages, and Sainsbury’s for the cafe and some shopping, and I have to go shopping to buy Sam a new toothbrush (a topgear electric toothbrush that we have promised him) and a new atlas. I have got a Philips’ Navigation Atlas, it has ! and a half miles to the inch, and you can see details of all the junctions on the maps themselves, enabling me to work out which lane John should head for or whether a restricted junction will let us on or off.  I chose a non-ring-bound one, as the ring-bound one was frequently left open at the last page it was used on, and pages got lost out of it as a result.  This time, I plan to leave useful maps in the right places.  Although it will be out of date soon, as it still lists Oldham Mumps and the train line, which are in the process of being converted to tram.