John and I haven’t prepared anything for the last night concert, but I can do the recorder solo I did for an earlier concert. 

I summon up the courage to find a pianist, and Fr Phillip volunteers.  He is very nice.  Also he is a whizz-kid on the piano.  We run through it once, and then in the performance, he embellishes the piano part beautifully.  It doesn’t feel like a recorder solo, even though the recorder gets the attention.

Every body likes it!  I am most gratified.  Someone says that he liked it the best, which I am much surprised by, as it was not fancy or anything, but he explains that he likes the line and the phrasing, while Elli, who plays oboe, says that she liked my ornaments.  I didn’t actually put in any, except what was given, I think there was a trill, and there was a slow ‘trill’ written into the tune, which I said I’d been worried about getting it right, as the fingering was tricky  — she understood that the fingering was tricky.   I could go on, but my head is big enough already.

Perhaps I’ll have a go at that Bach in my book, or get around to learning some Handel.