There are many reasons why Christians keep Sunday holy, and I was thinking about them today because the mission for Lent today was ‘Remember that thou keepest holy the Sabbath Day’.  In this post specifically, I am thinking about the ‘sabbath’ part. Let me explain:

This part is not about which particular day of the week you choose; it could be Saturday, or Sunday, or Friday, or whatever.  The point was God created the world (in the story), and according to the story, he kept stopping to see the thing that he had made. And ‘he saw that it was good’.  Then ‘on the seventh day he rested’

So this tells us at least two things. Firstly, ‘rest’ is an important part of God’s creation (and it doesn’t matter if you believe in him or not: you can rephrase it yourself). And secondly, after you have done something, it is important to ‘look back on it and see that it is good’.  It’s about stopping to smell the flowers, admire the view, and realise that you actually did something (however small) that was ‘good’.  Which is probably an important factor in mental wellbeing.

This is an important reason to keep a sabbath.  Funnily enough, one day in seven is often about right, one day in ten is not enough: I believe in post-revolution France they tried a ten-day week and it didn’t work.