My sister and her friends seem to be posting a review of where they lived and with how many for each census year. So I’ll have a go too:

2011: I’m 40, and live with my husband and two children in a three-bed mid-terrace in Lees, on a mortgage
2001: 30.  We moved in the summer, so if wer’e talking March, I lived with my husband in a 3 bed end of terrace in Clarksfield, Oldham, that we rented from his father at a preferential rate.  I don’t remember filing this census. Have I simply forgotten? No we must have done it. I remember the Jedi thing.
1991: 20 I was ‘officially’ resident at home in Donnington, Telford, in a 3-bed semi with my mum and my little sister. But I was studying at Exeter University, so that’s where I was. In halls of residence.
1981: 10. In a four-bed flat in Soest, Germany, with my mum and dad and two siblings.
1971: I was born in the January, so in March I’d be about two months. I think I lived in Perham Down, in rented, with my mum and my dad. I don’t know what kind of house it was. I think it was a house.