Yet another summer holidays.  This year it is 6 weeks and a weekend and a day.  So that’s 45 days, or if you don’t count weekends, 31 days, or if you also ignore the weekdays that we will be at music week (booked holiday), 26 days.

Day 1, Saturday.

Saturday is a Daddy-daycare day for me lots of the times, and today is no exception.  I have to finish editing an extract of 30 Millennia of Sculpture and tackle some more of the iMRCS Revision Guide: Trunk and Thorax. In the evening, I have a gig, a little affair, but I am playing in a string ensemble, and also a recorder solo.  I am nervous, but it goes well.

Meanwhile, Hannah is still having dancing in the summer holidays, so that is something.

I have discovered that there is free golf coaching for children at the golf club. Sam is keen, so I checked it out.  Sam went last week but it was raining, so they lent him a club.  He goes today, and likes it.  Hannah says that she will want to try it next week.

Sam is still up when I get back from the gig; it is the proms on the telly, and we let him watch it.