But since it’s Monday, the first day proper.  I had advised my children that a lie-in was in order, but still somehow ended up getting up at the normal time.

Since we have things to buy in Manchester, we arrange to go and meet Daddy.  Previously, we have had lunch with him, but he says he is busy, so we arrange that we will meet him after work for dinner instead.  Which means that I can do all those things in the village that I haven’t got round to yet, in the morning.

Hang washing out, sort breakfast., dishwasher

Mass, make dentists appointments (for October), take Daddy’s book to library, fetch the library book he’s ordered, buy flowers (treat), get prescription from pharmacist (mouth wash, from the dentist), take round money for Lees Community Association.

Playing, television, lunch, dishwasher, bins, make a start on his unfinished EPR book (we have to find lots of bible stories, today a bible story about helping someone in need; we find Jesus heals a blind man).

Bus to Manchester, find dance shop for dance shoes, but it’s closed, Forsyth for Hannah’s shoulder rest, two more music stands (for Spode),  viola tutor for Hannah, recorder music for me, bookshop (buy birthday present for Hannah’s party on Sunday), fetch Daddy, tea at Chinese buffet.

Home, tired, bring washing in, shoo children to bed.