Well, we’d better get cracking.  First there are all the things I want to do in the holidays, which I decide the best way is to start small, and do each thing in little bits. 

I want to get some housework done, so I promote ‘changing the bedding’ as ‘a pillow fight’.  I need some things measured; Sam can measure, Hannah can write down.

Then to the post office for some jiffy bags and some exercise books, which Sam is going to use one to make a project on the cello for part of a cub interest badge.

There is Sam’s left-over homework (today, a bible story about saying Thank you, so I get Sam to tell the story of the ten lepers, of which one came back, which he did in a class assembly), Hannah’s viola lesson (I am not at all sure that the shoulder rest isn’t too big for her), Sam’s cello.

The good thing is that the children are old enough to do lots of playing by themselves; but we still have to do ‘other stuff’, and I still have to take them places.  Today, we go to the park, where they play, and I sit in the grass doing nothing.  Funnily enough, I find this boring.  Perhaps I should be more organised and look out my crochet.  Home for coffee, dinner and a little bit of editing.