I’m quite good at looking anywhere I can for things to do in the holidays.  The church newsletter announces that church cleaning is this morning and everybody is welcome.  Sam is quite domestically minded, and cleaning up somewhere else is more fun than cleaning your own mess (which our house does need it).  So we take a feather duster for church, and muck in.  The children fight over the feather duster, and Sam uses a whole tin of furniture polish.

In the afternoon, there is stuff in the art gallery, which is excellent.  They make stencil pictures and paint pebbles, and then we look at the art gallery and read books in the library while the paint dries.  Oldham Art Gallery has some excellent exhibitions, and is quite user-friendly, even if you have children and know nothing.  The gallery based on ‘flowers’ has a little bit with dressing up and you can draw your own picture.  There is another gallery, where you are actually allowed to pick things up, and another gallery with work done by local schools, very good.  And we left out the other gallery; maybe we’ll see it next time.

Then we go to the cafe in Sainsbury’s, and do some shopping (from a list), because we have decided to make blueberry ice cream for pudding.  It is delicious.