The sun is shining; it’s a lovely warm day.  Definitely a paddling pool day.  Which is good, because I can switch the computer on; I have an index to edit.  I can print out some pictures for Hannah to colour while I’m at it.

Also, we want to do lots of cooking. Today, we decide to make carrot cakes.  And Sam wants to help make dinner (spaghetti with tomatoes and tuna).

Then there is Sam’s leftover homework ( a bible story about showing friendship to unpopular people, so I pick the story of little Zaccheus up a tree)
Hannah’s viola (flying pizzicato)
Sam’s cello (with his eyes shut!)
Sam’s cello project for his cub badge  (we talk about why Sam likes the cello, and why he picked it out as the instrument he wanted to play)
And I add Hannah’s Chile badge – she got a badge in the Rainbows where she was supposed to do stuff related to Chile, but all she did (other than read a book and play in the park, which don’t really count) was colour the flag and discover that they speak Spanish. We can do more than that.  So today we look up Chile in the Atlas, and on the Globe, and consider what its climate might be like.

Housework: I really would like to do more, but it’s not working out.  Still, at least I remember to look in my coat pockets for hankies when I put the children’s bedding in the wash.