Should have checked before sporting really, but Hannah’s trainers are looking tight, and Sam is complaining of sore feet afterwards, so maybe we should have their shoes checked.  We have a fashion parade (I provide catwalk commentary) and throw away a large number of shoes, mainly trainers (which always seem to be small for their size rating?).  But sandals, clogs, boots all seem to fit, so they only need a smart pair of shoes each for the time being.  We go to the shoe shop: Hannah’s shoes still fit, Sam needs a size larger. He picks the same style as before and is instantly happy. I explain that we will buy indoor shoes (pretentious school) and trainers later, when we are getting ready for school.   We buy sweets at the sweet shop, and freshly made sausages from the butcher.

The floor is still tidy from yesterday, so we get out the electric train set. 
There are cello and viola practices (practises?), and another new testament story (helping a stranger: the Good Samaritan). 
I email Daddy, so the children want to email him as well.  I really must teach Sam touch typing.
We decide to make a chocolate cake, but there is no cocoa powder, so Sam goes into the Co-op all by himself to buy some cocoa powder and chocolate, and we make and decorate a big chocolate cake.  It is extremely delicious.