We have to take the cat for his post-op check.  I remember to ask the children to ask the vet if they have any questions, and she very kindly shows them an X-ray, and explains that she had to cut the tail between two of the vertebrae.  Then we remember our music practise.  But the children want to go to Uppermill, and I do need to buy some of that delicious Saddleworth cheese


to take on holiday. So we go to Uppermill, the park, the barge trip, we buy food in the museum shop to feed the ducks. We cross the stepping stones on the river and find ducks to feed on the canal.  We buy a toy to cheer up the cat, and I spy books for our impending long road journey, and we try smoothies and cakes in a little cafe. They pick a DVD each from the library.  And we buy bread and the cheese, and some interesting looking-ginger jam.

A word of warning: Uppermill park toilets are locked at stupid times of day; 4 pm is a ridiculous time to shut a public convenience by the play park on a sunny Friday in the summer holidays.   But the good news is that a pub, the Granby Arms, lets you use their toilets, even if you are taking in a six year old, and not buying.