A lazy start: I am expecting an important letter, so must wait in for the postman.  We make some boreks


which we saw last week on I can cook (at this rate, I will have to buy the book).  I have never cooked with filo pastry before and I am not at all sure if we have made them right, and we use much more butter than it says to, but they turn out to be delicious.  Sam and Hannah liked them, too.

Then we crack on; viola practice (although I fail to get Hannah’s left hand in the right place); cello practice (Sam loses interest too soon, so we improvise on ‘going on holiday’); bible story for ‘helping the poor’ (Elisha, the widow and the oil, which we have a picture book for); a look at my new book that I bought last week


and a listen to the Swan from Carnival of the Animals (if Sam is to go in for his cub activity badge he needs to know a bit about cello music).  Then we remember Hannah’s plaster mould set that she got for her birthday and make three of those, while Sam tries sticking the decals on his Airfix plane (much too fiddly; stickers would have been better, and I suggest filling in detail with a pen when they dry).  I even catch up on some housework; the dishwasher (two loads), the laundry (two loads), the rubbish (two bins) and swap a Sam name tape for a Hannah name tape in a pair of Hannah’s shorts (to avoid confusion).  Finally we drop off the cat insurance form at the vets, before I cook tea (chicken nuggets, chips, baked beans, strawberries and creme fraiche).