This morning we get cracking on our chores (cello, viola, the wedding at Cana, a photo of sam listening to the cello when he was 5, a blanket washed and hung out, emails checked).

For the afternoon, I have purchased tickets to the cinema, or more precisely a modest film club by the name of the Small Cinema


They are showing some family films this summer, and today it is The Jungle Book.  There is art beforehand: the children make masks, and Hannah starts colouring a picture and badge.  Also, there are goody bags for the children, with popcorn, a drink, sweets, which is very useful.  Hannah likes it well enough.  Sam seems to like it, but says afterwards that it was boring.  Still, it’s not bad, considering they have not been to the flicks before.

Afterwards, we go to the library, where (obviously) Sam plays with the lego.

Then we go to Sainsbury’s cafe, because we need also to buy bread and milk, and I buy the children a comic each.