old as in ‘long-standing’.  I still haven’t worked out that she is as old as she is yet.  Maybe she’s twenty.  No, older than that, her eldest is in secondary school.

Anyway, after one of those messages you get ‘oh look everyone can see all your phone numbers’, I realised that no they couldn’t, so I put mine on.  I’d like people who aren’t fitting new soffits in my area to be able to get in touch.  So I answered fellow facebooker that it was okay, they only showed phone numbers if you let them and I couldn’t see hers, but mine was up for contacting. 

Massive hint I know, but my other friend phoned me up, who I’ve been facebooking a while but not spoken to since nineteen eighty  something, and we had a nice jolly chat.  (thinks should have written her phone number down, so I can return the compliment one day. whoops)