Today it’s raining, and grey, and horrid.  I make a start on chores (Simon of Cyrene helping carry the cross, Viola practise, getting Sam out his new handwriting pen to use).  Hannah decides to make biscuits


except with raisins instead of cherries.  Then my friend from school phones me up for a chat (well, I did drop a massive big hint), which cheers me up.

Then I think ‘the children are fine playing and watching telly by themselves’ and clean the bathroom instead.  The children start helping; we put the bathmat in the washing machine, and some things in the dishwasher, and squirt the bath and tiles, and Hannah showers it off again (she pretends she is a fireman), then they leave me to it.  I make us go to the pharmacist to get rid of out-of-date medicines, and Sam has fun splashing in puddles.

Then Hannah helps make magic fishcakes for tea.  http://www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies/icancook/makes/magicminifishcakes/

These are rally more like fish-burgers, except with tuna and dill, and no spring onions.