Still feeling lazy. Judith wants to phone us, but I don't get there in time, so she leaves a message. We remember Sam's homework (review lifecycles, with example of grapevine). Then off to the Small Cinema


to see Bedknobs and Broomsticks. I'd not seen it before. It's not bad. Very good, actually, although there are one or two things that I would not like to become take-home points, and one very confusing part, perhaps because the film was different from the book? Also an interesting appearance by Bruce Forsyth. Sam keeps telling me that he is bored, but likes the fish bit, and after the football bit decides that he is not bored. By the end of it, he is crying that he has not won the DVD in the raffle, but I explain that we can always buy one some other time. Then to Sainsbury's cafe again because we could use a drink, and we need something for tea. We choose pizzas.