There are still ages to go of the school holidays.  I decide to take the children to see my sister's family.  This is cool, because Benedict is not there, so there will be room for us, and after the baby is born, there won't be so much room.  Also, we can do stuff we don't do at home.  We visit three different playgrounds.  We go bowling. We eat a new chinese buffet.  We visit the zoo


which is cool, because we see the owl fly and be fed, and the tiger being fed, and stroke a wallaby and a muntjack deer, and see lots of cool animals. We play new games. We have a pub Sunday lunch and see the very charming Alex-the-cake-making-genius.  We even get to visit my friend Sally-from-school and her children.  She is as nice as she was 24 years ago (is it really that long ago?) and her children very charming and we both enjoy the Sedgwick museum


and the grasshopper clock (the grasshopper escapement is on the outside and done up to look like a grasshopper)


and gorge ourselves at Pizza Hut and the cafe in the tourist office, both of them very nice.