We still have to buy Hannah’s dance shoes, and the Bridgewater hall have a free lunchtime concert of percussion music, which I think the children will like.  So we toddle along.  Unfortunately, John is too busy to come, but never mind.  The concert is by a quartet known as 4-Mality (Four mallety?)


which includes the very famous Adrian Spillett.  He is famous because he went to my sixth form college

probably about the time that my sister went, and his father taught me A level physics, and he was the first ever percussion winner of the Young Musician.  I had not actually seen him before, I think.  But the group is very good, and their music very exciting (or soothing, depending on the piece), and I am glad I went.  I had thought of buying sandwiches at the Bridgewater, but it is a proper posh cafe, and the children aren’t sure what they want, so we postpone lunch until after the concert, for the chinese buffet, and then go on to buy the dance shoes.  The shop lady is friendly and helpful, and I am proud that Hannah has a nice point (pointe?) and good turn-out.  Then home again, but there is just time to buy some more forgotten birthday cards and also indoor shoes for school (school is excessively pretentious, and I’m not prepared to let my children wear plimsolls, which have no support for growing feet and never come in the right size) on the way.