And the last day of the holidays!  John has the day off!  He and Sam are going to the barbers.   I send John to post the work that I did on Saturday (because it is raining) on his way to the barbers with Sam, and sort out a few work emails and stuff.  We have still to get Sam's PE shorts and tracksuit bottoms, and some jumpers.  We try Sainsbury's first, where they have the PE kit and some shirts, and even one solitary maroon v-neck cotton knit jumper in Sam's size (plus a little growing room) for a fiver.  Sam likes it!  So we buy exactly two new stripy jumpers at the school shop (how much?  are you sure the next size up will be too big) with the promise that we can buy one more jumper another time.  We check out the cheap ink shop; he can sell the extra large ink cartridges I need and sounds hopeful of his ability to get cheaper clones at some point in the future, so definitely one to look out for.  Then I have only to sew nametapes, take up Sam's new tracky bottoms, write a cheque for dinner money (a whole term, and I don't have to think about it again until January), organise bags and PE kits.  John polishes shoes (perhaps I should have double checked Hannah's outdoor shoes; we can do that some day soon, I think).  Also, in preparation for the 'what did you do in the summer holidays' assignments, we remind our children of a few things we did in the holidays.